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24 April 2014
If you're looking to transport a single item you can't seem to fit in your car, don't have enough large items to make renting a U-Haul truck
worthwhile, or need someone to finish the last leg of your apartment move, I offer an affordable service specializing in small moves. I work
alone, so your labor or someone else's would be needed to load and unload large furniture--your help is part of what keeps the cost down.

To transport one or more large pieces of furniture in one trip using a light duty truck, I'll charge a base rate of $20 to $40--mostly
determined by number of items, overall weight, access points, number of staircases, strapwork--and mileage: $0.40/mile for all the
miles in my round trip; $0.50 for all the miles where a round trip exceeds 50 miles. A round trip begins and ends at my residence: 401 W.
Orangewood Ave., Anaheim, 90802 (near southeast corner of Disneyland).

I'm ready to go seven days a week. I have all sorts of packing equipment (see ON-BOARD TOOLS). Beds and couches seem to be the
most common items, but I also transport everything from refrigerators and filing cabinets to massage tables and barbecues. Call, text, or
e-mail if you're interested, and we'll work out the details.

JEFFREY (small move specialist)
(714) 955-2090
Anaheim, CA 92802 (Orange County)
Anaheim BL#: BUS2013-00794
Length: 78" (98" with tailgate down)
Width: 60" (48" between wheel wells)
Cash, Check, Paypal
Monday-Sunday: 9:00am - 9:00pm
Staley's Furniture Transport